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This number belongs to Matthew Sullivan, biggest scam I've ever known, made off with over $4000 dollars from a disabled veteran. Too big of a ...

6 days ago / 989

I got a call from this number and when I answered they hung up. I called back to have a man say it was their corporate office. What's the game here?

6 days ago / 212

I'm not sure if this number is the right Jim Britt or now. He was suppose to call me about collaborating with me. The man I know looks like he's ...

6 days ago / 530

trying to reach this # and it has a lot of noise on the line

6 days ago / 732

this number showed on my caller id as from Wells Fargo Bank.

6 days ago / 386

This number called us and we tried calling it back and it was disconnected

6 days ago / 818

Today, October 8, 2019. I received the call and they left a voice mail. The voicemail was in Chinese.

6 days ago / 212

Scammer that try to steal your NAS by faking to be the Canadian Border Agency.

6 days ago / 905

Plusieurs appels reçu à tous les jours, lorsqu'on répond ça coupe et quand on rappel le numéro c'est une boîte vocale avec un message de ...

6 days ago / 418

This a fraud/scammer telephone number- DON'T BE FOOLED!!! They say that are here to tell us about a refund/rebate we are entitled to from central ...

6 days ago / 727

Was called by tbis number and now says it's out of service.

2 weeks ago / 403

If your number is a Weatherby, MO number WHY are you calling about federal student loans? I do not owe, neither do my two children owe any loans, why ...

2 weeks ago / 816

At 1624 0n 9/21 we received a call identified on caller ID as Park Srlting Bk. Call was not answered and no message was recorded.Some entity is ...

2 weeks ago / 864

Caller Michelle said they are a collection company from Republic Bank Caller refuses to give her sir name

2 weeks ago / 281

Call Stevie Walden John Walden a brother to get his medical card numbers because John died sept.8 at Wheeling wv hospital in Wheeling wv the number ...

2 weeks ago / 614

I called the number back ad only get an automated voice mail to leave a message, possible scam.

2 weeks ago / 214

Just got a call from this phone number saying my social security got cancelled. Definitely spam, that kind of matter is notified via mail.

2 weeks ago / 805

Is a scam, always directed me to a number eho doesn't know nothung about it

2 weeks ago / 916

Occasionally I get a phone call from this number. It usually comes in the early evening. Today it came at 6:13 pm. I was eating my supper and could ...

2 weeks ago / 905

Not sure why this company is calling my cell phone. Please stop calling. This is a private number. i have not requested that your company call me for ...

1 month ago / 215

I needed a ride to work and dude hung up on me and was rude and didn't want to come get me said I was done and good bye what kind of shit showis this

1 month ago / 815

The lady who works there is a nasty and rude. Need to learn how to speak to parents.

1 month ago / 516

I got a call from +16463864500 saying the caller was from my grand son. He sounded nothing like my grandson and gave me the wrong name so I hung up.

1 month ago / 646

Talk about service😁, prompt and perfect! Thank you for everything!

1 month ago / 205

Was told it was my local police dept. and they had a warrant for my arrest, that I need to turn myself in by 2pm following day

1 month ago / 208

manuel contreras#8425 im wanting to work at 7 am shift for friday 08/30/19 . i lost cell .

1 month ago / 210

This is the Colts Ticket Office - getting very aggressive due to Luck's retirement. I tried patiently to get off the phone and was basically bullied.

1 month ago / 317