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Calls me 5 times a day , it’s fucking annoying wtf do you want .

5 days ago / 971

Please stop ringing me at 8.30am on my day off you pricks.why disturb an Aussie battles? Arseholes.

5 days ago / 304

I don't live in tx and received this call from this number. I don't believe it was for me perhaps dialed wrong.

2 weeks ago / 512

Answer, then I hear a click. Like a hang up. Twice now this has happened.

2 weeks ago / 416

Called my number, left a message for a person who does not live here. Didn't recognize # or organization so did not pick up. I do NOT have ANY ...

2 weeks ago / 281

I actually don’t hear from my boyfriend long enough or even once a day and I’m pretty pregnant with not only my child but his so it’s really ...

3 weeks ago / 949

This guy claims his name is Igor Rabinovich. A Russian with no military ties who just loves helping our veterans!!! He also likes to try and access ...

3 weeks ago / 443

Seems to be a scam of some kind. Person identified himself as Parker but had a foreign accent.

3 weeks ago / 310

Called me on a Sunday, saying they were statistics ..She left a message. Don't give them your info. If you are concerned call statistics Canada there ...

3 weeks ago / 705

rings and when call back will not go through omes up not in service must be a scam

4 weeks ago / 905

I have no documentation that this attorney represents me so why are you calling?

4 weeks ago / 919

1/17/2020 caller (1-402-876-5520) identified as “Kevin Malone A”...msg was “if you are an ATT DirectTV subscriber, press “1” to prevent ...

1 month ago / 402

This phone number is being used as a scam. Revenue Canada does not do this. Don't give your social insurance number out ever on the phone.

1 month ago / 416

this number is a fedex number for their main line - but it is also being used by telephone-scammers. not sure if they are spoofing the number, ...

1 month ago / 901

called once at 8:14 am and left no voice message... Not sure who or what this was....

1 month ago / 714

The best bakery I have found in Phoenix babka meltaways beautiful Danish wonderful cheesecakes sometimes a long line I pre-order the line moves fast ...

1 month ago / 623

Another dam spam call on a Sunday night as we are having supper.

2 months ago / 561

Received a call from this number about 5 minutes ago. I answered hello the caller said my last name, I responded then she said I thought you were ...

2 months ago / 901

I don't know but this lady is a freak she's nasty she's grow she stinks I wouldn't deal with her you don't know nothing but she's dumb

2 months ago / 720

The phone is always busy, like it's set to a fax. No one picks up!!

2 months ago / 212

Claims they are Amazon Prime and subscription is about to run out, please give updated credit card info. This is a scam, I called Amazon directly ...

2 months ago / 214

This number is being used as a robo call saying Your apple account has been compromised. we have no apple account.

2 months ago / 212

12-3-19. Dr. Burdge We Called The Office For Appointments For Both Of Us( Cynthia B. Cade & Jessie Cade, Jr) & We Were Told U "Were Booked UP. Mrs. ...

2 months ago / 281

I need to place a order. . I left a message and no one has returned my call.

2 months ago / 630

910-485-2441 is not Indaco phone number. It belongs to a dentist in Fayetteville NC. Indaco is lying on internet.

2 months ago / 910

Mayhem Ink Tattoo formally Mayhem Ink Inc is now located at 89 W Pearl St Nashua NH

2 months ago / 603

just received a call à 16h24, phone rang 1 time I called back, hanged up answer after 3 rings

2 months ago / 450