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Not sure why this company is calling my cell phone. Please stop calling. This is a private number. i have not requested that your company call me for ...

1 day ago / 215

I needed a ride to work and dude hung up on me and was rude and didn't want to come get me said I was done and good bye what kind of shit showis this

1 day ago / 815

The lady who works there is a nasty and rude. Need to learn how to speak to parents.

1 day ago / 516

I got a call from +16463864500 saying the caller was from my grand son. He sounded nothing like my grandson and gave me the wrong name so I hung up.

1 day ago / 646

Talk about service😁, prompt and perfect! Thank you for everything!

1 day ago / 205

Was told it was my local police dept. and they had a warrant for my arrest, that I need to turn myself in by 2pm following day

2 weeks ago / 208

manuel contreras#8425 im wanting to work at 7 am shift for friday 08/30/19 . i lost cell .

2 weeks ago / 210

This is the Colts Ticket Office - getting very aggressive due to Luck's retirement. I tried patiently to get off the phone and was basically bullied.

2 weeks ago / 317

Page 2 - Merle C. Thornton I appreciate the foam being shot in the kitchen. While shooting one of my pipes were moved and as a result, water ...

2 weeks ago / 708

Catfisher, uses numbers to contact men to get them to send amazon gift cards and steam gift cards to him. Contact authorities if he tries to fake ...

2 weeks ago / 813

Provide "security" but really does nothing at all but get a kickback from a 1 star towing company Day And Night harrassing people and their cars on ...

2 weeks ago / 661

Do not know who this person is? Never left a message either.

3 weeks ago / 613

Constantly calls no name, does not leave any message. I don't answer such calls...I have call blocked this number

3 weeks ago / 519

Doesn't sound professional. Asking to reschedule an appointment for Skyla cause there was a cancellation for their dentist appointment. Seems like ...

3 weeks ago / 775

have received three to four calls a day from this number plus other numbers from this apple advisor.......will not answer the not know ...

4 weeks ago / 614

Make sure you get everything written out in advance. This guy does NOT honor verbal contracts and he also breaks things in your yard while he’s ...

4 weeks ago / 856

Very unprofessional people crew is drawing the public image they personally tried to start a fight with me while I was on lunch with my women and ...

4 weeks ago / 314

Some one from your company offer inspection of my roof in 1-2 hours. Wake me up 7:30 am. Never show up. Nice way to do business. Please don\'t call ...

4 weeks ago / 352

Guy keeps calling saying from home depot and shows up at my door step and now he keeps looking at my window and now he is waiting in his car.

4 weeks ago / 216

Called Whirlpool for warranty claim, said this company would be there Monday morning between 8-12 noon to fix my appliance. Never showed! Had ...

4 weeks ago / 918

I called a cab from my home to my therapy . the cab driver dropped me off in the middle of nowhere and made me walk there

1 month ago / 732

Why am I being called in Nevada from this phone number?

1 month ago / 212

A scam person just called my husband from this number claiming to offer advertising for our business, please be aware.

1 month ago / 570

Yes 847-444-4432 is Smith Research, Inc. This group does a focus survey for the hospital I was in. They pay you for a 1 1/2 hours survey.

1 month ago / 847

This city/county is a joke. Tried contacting the District Attorney and they don't answer the phone or allow you to leave a message. Glad tax paying ...

1 month ago / 618

stay the hell of my phone allways bull from you people

1 month ago / 705

Fraud. They called me and said it was an emergency line and asked if I had an emergency. Said “no” and they asked me for my name and address, I ...

1 month ago / 540

I have recieved several calls from this number. I have tried to block it. F Menard. I am a Verizon cell user.

1 month ago / 973

I am seeing your # on my caller ID 914-3454-1550, but I am not understanding what you are saying your response gives me one word and that's it. You ...

1 month ago / 914

I keep getting rude phone calls and I have already talked with someone from there. I have something already in place. I keep getting rude and pushy ...

2 months ago / 701