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called saying he was my grandson in an accident. Asking for money.

5 days ago / 570

Mike...would you please call my parents about some Jack had to sell. Thank you Kerri

6 days ago / 941

This is a total scam. They call my phone 10 times a day and claim they are DHL. Speaking only Chinese. They want your information such as: home ...

6 days ago / 818

This number actually belongs to Royal Home Repair / John Williams out of Greenwood Missouri and can now be reached at (785) 521-5273 I am still ...

1 week ago / 678

Juan Fernandez is the name it comes up.. he text asking me if I was so and so..I asked him who he was before I said yes..he would not tell me and is ...

1 week ago / 480

Received 2 threatening robocalls from this number today....saying if i didnt respond i may be arrested??? Tried calling number, it said arkansas ...

1 week ago / 501

Strange call and texted back from this landline.

2 weeks ago / 323

I purchased a transmission from from your establishment been trying to get it warrantied out now for 2 weeks. Keep being put on hold or no ...

2 weeks ago / 813

This number has called me twice. A recording stated that I had photos to pick up - which I didn't remember. When I stopped by the store to check, ...

3 months ago / 410

I have received two calls from this number. Since I do not live in Texas I am assuming this is not intended for me.

3 months ago / 254

Why is this number calling me?? I know noone in Texas? I have never been to Texas?? STOP CALLING ME!!!THANK YOU

3 months ago / 432

Just got a call person name Vince super rude and unprofessional. He did hang up when i was trying to get clarification about the call. Called back ...

3 months ago / 716

Told me thatthey are the department of social security? Really? And they suspended my social? Harassment call I hate this behavior with an automated ...

3 months ago / 800

Just received phone call from this number. Person speaking French stating that I called him at 3:00 a.m. in the morning and that he has my number on ...

3 months ago / 514

Not a UPS store. Appears to be Chinese Robocaller I can’t understand what was said.

4 months ago / 404

I think this is some type of SCAM. Called the dental office I work at asking for the doctors Tax ID and NPI. I refused to give it to the guy and ...

4 months ago / 714

good morning, I have a question my daughter needs a surgery, talk to her staff to make an appointment but they told me that she needed her dentist to ...

4 months ago / 559

Please have Marie Wright call me ,Antonio Valure 225-664-7706 , I would like to go over some questions ,I have left two messages unable to reach ...

4 months ago / 985

After saying hello twice a woman started talking nonstop in Spanish, which I don't speak. I saI'd, "English!' 4 times before she finally stopped ...

4 months ago / 713

Very bad service, Promising they will be there and never show up

4 months ago / 818

I have called this Docter office more than 4 times and left messages and never receive a callback.

4 months ago / 310

Bank account was hacked and room was rented at this location. Tried calling to speak to someone about trying ti find out who used my card number and ...

4 months ago / 559

I was paged.. when I called back they answered " Thank you for calling PSI"

4 months ago / 423

The number calling me belongs to Kathlean Sigurdson an attorney in Carson City NV. (she is real) However, If you hit re-dial you get a charity ...

4 months ago / 775

He abused my wife from this number 8174853408

4 months ago / 817

You have a Dr A.Thomas calling me and stating that medication I am on I shouldn’t be for my Bipolar disorder & when she called she verified my ...

4 months ago / 302

Do you guys have a new phone number I can contact with you my name is Darlene my phone number is area code 310-924-7114

4 months ago / 818

Recieved a call from this number, they claim to be IRS fraud department, and told me to put a check in the mail. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!

4 months ago / 425

This telephone number is fraudulently reporting as a business. MOH Billing Solutions Inc.

4 months ago / 705

I received a call on December 3rd 2018 asking me to call this number back regarding my social security number has legal enforcement for fraudulent ...

4 months ago / 403